Who I’m Stalking Today (Without Leaving Home)

ISO 400 135mm f/5.6 1/30 Handheld

This robin was in our hedgerow this morning.  It actually grew up in a nest that was just outside my kitchen window.  It is still being fed by its parents; their activity was how I tracked it down.  It was very windy this morning, and this bird is new to flying, so I was able to get very close.  I refer to it as stalking, because I followed this nest very closely and will be using the photos I got in a number of projects that I am working on.  Certain people (OK, everyone) in the house was rolling their eyes when I began referring to the babies as “mine”.

My tripod camera set up caught this image this morning:

ISO 200 135mm f/6.3 1/13 tripod w/remote shutter

You will see that the bird in not in really sharp focus and I have lost a lot of detail in the black feathers.  What settings would you have tried to get a better photo?  My tripod set up and waiting for a subject got me a, “Mom, sometimes you are just funny” comment this morning.




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