A Contest Photo and Heavy Storms

This photo:

I entered into a contest through my photography club.  It is entered in the “nature” category, so minimal post editing.

This robin

That I could not get close enough to yesterday, was injured in a hailstorm that passed through last night.  We found it, stunned, on the ground and chased it back into the hedgerow.  I was not able to find it this morning.

Perhaps because of the storm, we had a lot of birds out and about this morning. Including a duck I have never seen before and a hawk on a successful hunt.  Busy morning.

My tripod set up caught this blue jay this morning.  It was one of three that were on the ground together this morning.

ISO 200 135mm f/5.6 1/3

The lighting was weird this morning, an after effect of the storm.  So, 5.6 is the lowest my lens will go in the Av setting.  Not enough light to keep the blue jay from being blurry.  Perhaps next time I will bump up the ISO in this situation to get more light.



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