If it isn’t working, try changing the settings

I am getting a lot of motion in my birds, but for the purposes of what I am working on I am trying to freeze the action.

ISO 1250 65mm f/5 1/100

I am fooling with ways to increase the shutter speed and freeze the motion AND still get a quality image.  While this shot works in terms of light, at an ISO of 1250, there will be a lot of noise in the RAW version.  I know you can edit these things to make them better, but I am really trying to make the photo good right in the camera.

ISO 800 65mm f/5 1/80

In order to lower the ISO, I also had to slow the shutter speed.  The results are a lot of images like the one above, you can see a lot of movement.

Here is the best one of this particular series:

ISO 800 65mm f/5 1/80

OK, but I am going to want a even lower ISO at some point.

The next three photos, I made in a smaller file size because they aren’t great photos, I would just like to make a note of the crazy light change that happens here in the morning.  All these photos are set to the following: ISO 640 65mm f/5 1/125.  They are taken at the following times, 7:00, 7:02, and 7:05.  Check out the huge difference! You will see why I love working with this area.  I’m thinking if I can figure out these light situations, I will be on my way to taking better photos!




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