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Cute as a Chick(en)

Everyone, all together now, awww….

ISO 250 135mm f5.6 1/60

ISO 250 135mm f5.6 1/60

These little folks are part of my youngest’s life cycle unit in school.  Which is a unit that has taken over our world and led to dinner conversations like this:

youngest: well, it came out of the egg but was bleeding because it’s intestines weren’t fully inside.  Mrs. C. separated it from the other chicks who had started pecking at it.  It died though, that was sad.

others: oh…

It’s the life cycle that’s for sure, not so sure it makes for great dinner conversation though.

This morning, sigh, here are the results of my tripod project:

ISO 500 28mm f3/5 1/125

It’s a tiny image because I cropped almost all of it out.  Note to self: check the focus of the frame before walking away!  By the time I figured out that I had a problem, I had lost the light.  Or more specifically, had gained the light,  A LOT of light:

ISO 500 28mm f/13 1/125

15 minutes between the two shots.  For tomorrow, pay more attention to focusing the frame.



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