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More Chicken Photos? Egg-cellent!

The life cycle unit continues, here are two pictures from yesterday:

ISO 500 90mm f/9 1/15

ISO 500 90mm f/9 1/50

Taking these photos makes me wonder what the Kelvin temperature of the heat lamps are? or just in general, what is the best white balance setting?

Meanwhile, back at the tripod project, I ran into yet another technical difficulty.  As in,it is technically difficult to take a picture using your remote shutter, if you don’t have the thing turned on properly….

Sigh, so then I got this shot of a robin taking off, but I am thinking, it is nice in an “art” sort of way, but I personally think the action should be frozen a bit more:

ISO 250 38mm f/4 1/125

Also, the silhouette:

ISO 250 135mm f/10 1/200



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