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The armadillo in the kitchen is causing trouble

Not the kind of trouble you might think, like making a huge mess.  Although perhaps I have to take that back because he was leaving corn everywhere.

ISO 500 75mm f/5 1/30

This was the best shot, in that it is my favorite.  It lacks detail in the armadillo’s face though. I had just come in from shooting outside, so my white balance was set to “shady”, so this picture does not represent the armadillo’s true color.

ISO 500 75mm f/5 1/13

Here the white balance is set for the indoor kitchen light, so the color is right on the armadillo.  You see the crazy motion blur though?  I was having a hard time stopping the action and still having enough light on the subject.

Also, this was one of those crazy, hey armadillo in the kitchen kind of moments, so I didn’t have a lot of time to mess with the settings.

What would you have tried?



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