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There’s an Anteater! Where’s my White Balance card?!

Here’s the Giant Anteater:

ISO 500 135mm f/5.6 1/20

I had the white balance set to shady, which turned out to be a pretty good representation.  I wanted to use my white balance card in part because of the gray, black, and white combination of the fur.  Unfortunately for me, the anteater had other plans, and walked away.



2 thoughts on “There’s an Anteater! Where’s my White Balance card?!

  1. Doesn’t your camera have auto white balance? Remember that the little computers that run our cameras are more powerful than the computers that sent man to the moon in 1969. Don’t be afraid to let that power work for you.


    • Yeah, you are right, but for whatever reason I love fooling with white balance. I just like to see the difference the various settings have to offer. In this case though, the anteater should be “perfect” in custom though, since its coloring matches that of the white balance card. That thought just struck me as humorous.


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