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Landscape Photography with a point and shoot camera, a revision of sorts

Wow, that is a clunky post title!  I wrote this post that had a landscape picture taken in black and white with my new point and shoot camera.  I got some feedback on that post that got me to thinking and led to this post. I had taken the original shot in part because I had just read that one of the competitions in my photo club this year was going to be landscapes in black and white.  That’s cool, because I shoot almost everything in color, and it will give me something different to think about.

So, I took the landscape in B&W, and thought maybe I would edit it later.  I use GIMP to do my photo editing. I included the link because it is open source software that means you can use it at no cost.  I also use YouTube to find tutorials to help me use it more effectively.

So, I received some specific feedback in the first post about how to change the image. So, I thought, why wait till “later” to edit, when I had been given an interesting suggestion now. If you are interested, here is a link, to the blog of the person who suggested the edit.  The link is to a recent posting of his that I enjoyed.

Here is my edited landscape:

Here is the original:

I think I do like the edited version better.  Thoughts?



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