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The Great Horned Owl Lens Comparison, Revisited

Last week I wrote a post comparing lenses using a great horned owl.  One of the comments left was that the viewer liked the 50mm shot better, but maybe I should crop it to look more like the 28-135mm photo.  That wasn’t what I was originally going for, but I thought it was a neat idea, and that is the point of reading the comments! 🙂

The person who left the comment is this blogger who in the post I have linked to explains his habit of “camping out” in other people’s blogs.  It is an interesting way of doing things, and he leaves great comments.

Here is the edited 50mm shot:

Here is the shot taken with the 28-135mm lens:

Which do you prefer?



8 thoughts on “The Great Horned Owl Lens Comparison, Revisited

  1. Now you can appropriately compare the two photographs. See how the prime lens (the 50 mm) is much sharper than the zoom? If you can get close with a 50 mm lens to get a good shot, it’s worth it because a prime lens will almost always be sharper than a zoom lens at the same mm.


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