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Just the Basics: With editing this time

I am talking about photo editing in this post, something that I know very little about.  I tried photoshop a few years back, and they ended up having to give me my money back (I insisted) when they were unable to get it to import my RAW files. So, now I am using GIMP which is free, click on the link to check it out if you like.  This fall I will be going back to school (a habit of mine) this time for photography.  Since photoshop is the industry standard, I know I will be having to use it eventually.

That, I guess was a paragraph of background that is somewhat relevant to what I am writing here today.  From my post yesterday I took the two photos and edited them in GIMP.  Here is the result:

This is the image using my 28-135 lens

This is the image using my 28-135 lens

This one is the 50mm lens image

This one is the 50mm lens image

Both images have had various color changes made to them.  I also did quite a bit of cropping.  I then picked a different “artistic” filter to put them through.  I am just sort of going through the various settings to see what is there.






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