Tawny Owl (so beautiful)

ISO 100 50mm f/3.5 1/50

This owl was injured as a chick and has never lived in the wild.  Blends nicely with the background here doesn’t it? This shot was taken with the 50mm lens I have borrowed.  It chose to use it  because there was not a lot of light and I wanted to freeze the motion of the bird as much as possible.

ISO 100 50mm f/2 1/100

This second photo was also taken using the 50mm lens.

ISO 100 125mm f/5.6 1/8

For this photo I switched to my 28-135mm lens.  What I ended up liking about this shot was the sudden light that was on the owl’s face.  I used my tripod for all these shots.




5 thoughts on “Tawny Owl (so beautiful)

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    1. Yes, for whatever reason, he was kind-of worked up. he is usually more of a “sit on the perch and watch the world go by sort”. By the way, I finally got around to putting my camera manuals on my phone. That was really a good idea!


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