50mm Lens, Animals, Birds, Canon 50D, Nature, Photography

Harris hawk with Flash

Those of you who read my blog (thanks) know that I have been working on some photos of a Harris Hawk.  You can see my previous posts here and here.  The picture in this post was taken using a flash.

ISO 200 50mm f/2 1/250

This was the best shot of the morning, and I like that you can see the various shades of brown in the bird.  When I put it up to 200% magnification, it holds up pretty well in terms of clarity with the exception of the tail feathers.

This shot was taken using a 50mm lens.  It was also handheld because I forgot my tripod (umm, hello!) it was a bit early, but still.  I do usually pack up my camera gear the night before, for exactly this reason.

From the comments in the original post  I have one more way that I am going to approach this bird.  Thanks to all who left their thoughts!  So far this flash version is my favorite, but what do you think?



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