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Same Harris Hawk, Different Day

It all started with this post when I first wrote about this Harris Hawk and asked for your opinion on how you would have handled it if you were the photographer.  I got some interesting feedback, and I have tried most of the suggestions, with the exception of this,  “I might try an unorthodox approach of treating a relatively still subject like it was in motion: ISO 400, 1/400 – 1/500 @ f/4.5 – f/4.”  An interesting idea considering the bird is pretty still as birds go. The author of the suggestion writes, Modes of Flight Blog, which covers many types of photography so check it out if you are interested.  So I went this morning to give it a try.

Didn’t work, and I’ll tell you why.  The 50mm lens I sometimes borrow, is in the camera bag of its actual owner.  Without that, I really don’t have a lens that can  handle the shutter speed/f-stop combination that had been suggested.  So, I will have to try again when I have the 50mm lens on me.  Here is what worked out today:

ISO 320 105mm f/5.6 1/30

This was my best overall color and clarity of feathers shot.

ISO 160 135mm f/5.6 1/6

And this was the best in terms of an interesting bird shot. Both photos were taken using a tripod and have been cropped and sharpened.

I will go back to reshoot at some point.




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