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A parrot I know

One of these days this parrot is going to squawk, “get the picture right already!”:

ISO 160 f/1.8 1/15 50mm

So, what I have right here is the lens.  I was using a 50mm, and given that the bird is close and has so many lovely colored feathers, I am using that lens to capture those details.

Here is what went wrong.  I was taking a picture of something else with a lot less light, just a minute before, and I forgot to change the f-stop before taking the picture.  The light in this place is crazy, but for this shot, there is no way a 1.8 is necessary or even a good thing.  So, I am letting in light I don’t need and losing depth of field which I do need.

Also, my white balance was set to florescent, but I think I will try tungsten next time, just to see if I prefer it.  It is a bit odd, because usually in this room, florescent works best.  For this parrot, I have tweaked the settings in the post editing process.

So, because I was surprised by this bird, I also didn’t think enough about framing the shot, hence the huge blown out white behind its head, which in some cases might work, but not in this one.

In writing this all out, I am hoping to take the photo differently when I get the chance.  Anything else I should consider? Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “A parrot I know

  1. I’d consider putting the ISO on 800 to give yourself a faster shutter speed as the bird is a living thing and guaranteed to move as the shutter fires (also, you’re risking camera shake at 1/15th). The 50D should be able to handle the noise at that ISO pretty well. Try around f4 to keep the Parrot in focus but still blur the background. Hope this helps.

    Have fun shooting your Parrot but mind your fingers 🙂


    • I should think about the ISO next time. You are right that this camera does a really good job of handling the noise. Thanks for your suggestion. I always watch my fingers around this particular parrot, it has a pretty good reputation for being a docile bird, but no need to test it either 🙂


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