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Grab your camera, Fall is almost here

Well, in this hemisphere anyway.  Here is the first leaf of the season:

ISO 125 f/9 0.5 shutter 56mm

This was taken with a tripod.  I will try some shots with the 50mm lens also, when I borrow it from my friend again.  Next time I will try for more depth of field.  When this photo is magnified it is just a little bit fuzzier than what I was really going for.  I cropped, boosted the saturation of the yellow, and sharpened the image in post processing.  I am using Aperture now as my image software.  Overall, I really like it, but I am still learning how to use it.



6 thoughts on “Grab your camera, Fall is almost here

  1. lichtbildwerfer says:

    Hi !

    It’s REALLY a great shot. H I G H __ F I V E ! ! !

    The mixture of WARM and COOL colors is perfect.

    Greetz from Germany – lichtbildwerfer


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