Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

ISO 100 f/20 1/8 28mm

I was happy to a) be outside on a beautiful day and b) have my camera with me so this photo is my response to the WordPress weekly photo challenge.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

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      1. I used to make all my photos small, but now I’ve grown to like looking other people’s blogs with their full-sized pictures. I don’t know if it really saves space, as I think the space is calculated by what you put in your media library, but I don’t know for sure!! 🙂


      2. OK, so my post this morning I put in a larger size. I would like to know what you think, if you don’t mind taking a look. I would be curious to know when you upload files, what percentage of your available space is used? I am 11% after about 4 months of blogging at a small size. Thanks 🙂


      3. I checked it out and I like it! Hmm, I should check on this. I always upload so many pictures at once; I have hundreds of pictures on my blog! I’m not sure, but I do use a lot of space. However, I think it’s because of the number of pictures, not because of the size. I wonder what other people’s experience is!


      4. Ok, maybe we are solving the mystery. I really think it’s just the number of photos you upload into the media library. I always have to remember to go back and delete pictures I upload into the library and then ending up not using!


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