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Travel Theme: Couples

When I first read that “couples”was the travel theme for this week at Where’s my backpack? I was thinking that maybe I would just skip entering this week. Then I went out Friday night and got this shot, a couple of flaming hot women-literally:

ISO 3200 f/2 1/1250 2ev 50mm

These ladies are part of The Fire Technicians-St. Louis who put on a pretty good show set to music.  I got this shot at Third Degree Glass Factory that was hosting its 10th Anniversary party at their monthly open house.  If you happen to be in the area, now you have some place to go and check out.

There were people there who were taking pictures using flash but I didn’t for a few reasons.  The first was I wasn’t convinced that I was close enough for my in camera flash to make a difference.  Second, I was afraid of distracting the performers.  Third, I thought the fire light only would make a cool effect.  I did also some post editing work in Aperture.  I cropped, lightened, and sharpened the image.



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