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We have a couple of bird feeders outside of my office window because I enjoy watching them come and go.  Here is a photo I took the other day:

ISO 400 50mm 1ev f/4 1/500

To get this photo I set up my camera with a remote shutter on a tripod and went back inside.  From my office window I could see when this Downy Woodpecker landed.  I was shooting bracketed exposures.  For this particular image I used Photomatix to combine them and then used one of the painterly settings because I thought that helped the bird stand out a bit from the background.



4 thoughts on “Outside

  1. We have 2 feeders right outside our window and enjoy watching the birds as we have breakfast. In the early winter evenings, late afternoon actually, the cardinal often comes, and last week 3 evening grosbeaks. Our old faithfuls are the sweet little chickadees.


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