50mm Lens, Canon 50D, iPhone, Photography

Electric Pumpkin

To liven up your Friday:

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/10 4s

I shot this inside in the dark, spooky!

Anyway, I draped Christmas lights around the pumpkin and then moved them as I was taking the photo.

Scary, but not as scary as what I saw at the mall later that day.

shot with my 3G iPhone

Let the shopping season begin I guess.  I’m not ready, but I guess that is too bad.



8 thoughts on “Electric Pumpkin

  1. Wendy says:

    Love the electric pumpkin, very cool. At first I thought it was inside the microwave sparking like aluminum foil, but your explanation is a bit more logical.
    What in the world is that thing on top of the Christmas tree? It looks like an ice cream cone.


    • Thanks! The tree works in its environment, the polished upscale mall, but I don’t think it is something you would want in your home. Beautiful, but I think it lacks warmth. It doesn’t really match the experience of your recipes, it is much more superficial.


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