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Travel Theme: Liquid

This week’s theme over at Where’s my backpack? gave me the excuse to go back to a photo a took a few months ago.  If you take photos you have probably had this happen to you, you see a great subject but the light is awful.  Sometimes with photos like that, I edit them later into HDR images which is what I did with this photo:

HDR using Photomatix

This is a view of the St. Louis Art Museum that I thought would be interesting.  I took several shots of the fountains that day because they are quite nice.  When you see the original below, I think you will be surprised at what I managed to salvage:

ISO 200 28mm -1.67eb f/22 1/200

In order to make the HDR image I first created two additional copies of the original photo.  In Aperture I changed the exposure balance of the copies, one to a 0 ev, the other to +1.  Then I combined the three images in Photomatix.  The resulting photo I liked best was one of the “painterly” versions.



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