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Low Key Photo

Using just one light source to create a photograph can be a fun challenge. You could take it as a chance to wonder what is lurking in the shadows.  Anyway, I was trying it out the other day and I here is what I came up with:

ISO 100 50mm 0 ev f/1.8 1/5

ISO 100 50mm 0 ev f/1.8 1/5

My art supplies, one light, and a tripod.



10 thoughts on “Low Key Photo

    • Hi!, thanks for your comment. I have a challenge for you, if you would like 🙂 Take a picture of your kids in the space where you will be celebrating Christmas, at about the same time of day, using whatever camera you will be using. Write a post about it. Include the camera type, and any info you might have like ISO, flash, shutter speed. Include what you like about the photo and what you would like to see differently. Put a link here to that post as well. Ask people for their ideas. I can guarantee if you ask four different photographers, you will get four different ideas, but try some of those ideas, see if you like the results. 🙂


    • You are right, in this case, the idea is to have the ISO as low as possible. May I challenge you on this though? Your powershot is perhaps better at this than you think. Set the ISO as low as you can get. Shoot with one light source, move the source around as you are shooting to see what shadows interest you. Shoot using a tripod or other sturdy surface. If you use editing software, try adjusting the curves. See what you get, write a post about it, link it in here, I’d love to see the results!


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