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Christmas lights, with rain

It was a bit rainy here over the weekend.  I enjoy catching photos of raindrops, so I went looking for this photo, a raindrop on our Christmas lights.

ISO 200 50mm 3 exposures f/9 1/25

ISO 200 50mm 3 exposures f/9 1/25

I used my tripod because even though the bush wasn’t going anywhere it was a bit breezy and I knew I was going to try a bracketed exposure to make an HDR image.  For this image the exposures were (-1.67, -2.67, -.67)  I set the exposure dark because it was hazy out, so there was a lot of light.

I then used Photomatix to make my HDR image. I picked a version that I thought brought out some of the rich color tones that were there.  I put the image back into Aperture for some final tweaking.  I cropped and sharpened the image a bit.  I also made the top right corner a bit darker.

I’d like your opinion, would you buy a card or print of an image like this? or does the combination of rain and Christmas not appeal to you at all?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



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