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Travel Theme: Up

If you visit Canada’s Museum of Civilization, make sure you have plenty of time to look around but don’t forget to look up.

With all these photos, I had to look up, and that is the theme this week over at Where’s My backpack?

While I did take all these photos on one trip to the museum, it is one of those places that you can visit again and again.  If you are thinking of a trip to Canada’s Capitol Region, this museum is worth a visit.  If you are not familiar with Ottawa, and are making your first trip, don’t let the fact that this museum is in Gatineau throw you off, geographically these areas are very close, just across the river!



6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Up

  1. Thanks for taking a look at (and liking) my post. I love your take on this theme – ceilings of museums are often not just for structure only and we would really miss out if we didn’t look up! Great pics!


  2. Hi Amy! This is Ron L. here from your Digital Photo Classes (I & II). After you mentioned your blog last week in class, I looked at it. Awesome! Great photos and explanations. This inspired me to start up a blog on WordPress. You have some great nature shots throughout your site, and I especially like the bees. I have shot some bees in the past and will post some to my new blog soon. Remind me in class on Friday to tell you a place where I have taken some good bumble bee shots. — Ron


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