4 thoughts on “High ISO pumpkin

  1. Hi Amy. Love your pumpkin shots! I like the composition and that pumpkin really has character. I like the muted colors, looks like a nice quite place to be. To tell the truth, I can’t tell a lot of difference in quality between the two photos you posted — I don’t see too much grain in the high ISO shot. I guess there would be a more noticeable difference when printed and at larger sizes. When I shot my high/low ISO photos for that class, I also adjusted my aperture when changing ISOs. For my low ISO: I used ISO-100, F-5.6, 1/80. For my high ISO: I used ISO-2000, F-16, 1/160.


    • Hi Ron, I didn’t bother changing the f-stop, because I didn’t really think it was necessary. I was also hoping to stay at a high f-stop just to keep all the detail in the whole shot. I agree also, that the ISO difference would show in a larger print. Maybe you should write a similar blog post to this one so I can see what you did for this assignment?


  2. My opinion is that you’ve hit the exposure more correctly in the high iso version. The noise that ronlan is referring to is more visible when the light is lower. If you try repeating the same assignment with a night photo, you’ll see the noise.
    Also: good sensor in your camera = less noise (even on high ISO).


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