I know it was yesterday, Happy Valentine’s Day

So, my Valentine’s Day themed post wasn’t ready to go until this morning.  Better late than never?  So, for Valentine’s Day I made my family fudge.  I used a recipe from Judy’s petit4chocolatier blog.  Here is the specific post.  If you haven’t seen Judy’s blog, you should check it out, but maybe when you aren’t hungry.  She has a lot of yummy recipes and she takes great photos of her creations.  Here is my fudge:

I’d also like to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all my blogging friends.  I really enjoy looking at all the creativity that is unfolding on your blogs!



12 thoughts on “I know it was yesterday, Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. You are incredible!! Thank you so much 🙂
    “You” made my day!!
    Yours looks really, really good! I am going to make it again 🙂


  2. Fudge like this deserves it’s own day! That mass manufactured stuff handed out on Valentines Day can’t hold a candle to this. I can already feel it going to my thighs, just looking at your great picture. Yum!


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