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Taking on HDR

In my photography class we are doing some work with HDR images.  HDR, high dynamic range, involves taking several photos of the same scene and them merging them together in software.  In this case, I combined five images of this scene.  By changing the shutter speed of each image, different parts of the scene are shown in detail.  Combining the images gives you the ability to see everything at once.  The other challenge to this assignment was to shoot at night, making lighting that much more of a issue.  Here is one of my images:

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/6.3 shutter speed varied

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/6.3 shutter speed varied

Getting the candle to turn out in the photo was a bit tough.  One of the combined images was one where every thing turn out black except for a little bit of the flame.  I used that image to make the candle less bright in this final image.

So, what do you think? Can you even tell that it was taken at night?  HDR images are sometimes very otherworldly looking.  This time I was going for a more natural look.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section if you like.



21 thoughts on “Taking on HDR

  1. Excellent, I’m very impressed. I agree HDR images can be very computerised looking, this one is quite the opposite and looks like an indoor photo in a crypt or somewhere similar with low lighting rather than a night photo




      • Yes, it can really ‘lift’ some photos. I like the way you’ve used it here, just a touch of hdr to bring out the details.
        I see many people that are making over-saturated images with HDR, pulling all the sliders to the extreme, and I don’t really like it.


      • I agree that it can be really overdone. Sometimes I think though when you are first using it, you can get a bit carried away, I know I still do sometimes. This particular exercise was useful to help keep that in line.


  2. I’m not a photographer, so I don’t really know the technical aspects, but I have to say – this photo is marvelous! I love the quality of light.


  3. I have erased off my mission of being able to capture candle light. Although I don’t know what to tell you. I just keep on changing function of my camera until I get the shot I want. I don’t take notes so I don’t remember how I did mine. You can see it on my blog titled Zilch.


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