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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

You know how some weeks are kind of long? This week was that way for me.  Not that it was a bad week, it was just a very full week.  So, when I saw that this week’s photo challenge at WordPress was future tense, I thought I would show you what I was looking forward to all week:

ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/4.5 1/500

ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/4.5 1/500

I was really looking forward to being outside for awhile this week. I stopped at Lone Elk Park which is a State Park in Missouri.  These elk were pretty close to the road, so I actually stayed in my car so I wouldn’t startle them.

The prompt at WordPress also indicated that since it was still phoneography month, I should also take some pictures with my phone.  So I did. Definitely one those times where the camera phone just isn’t enough:

Also, I’m wondering if phoneography can really count as a “month” if it doesn’t appear in spell check?



27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

  1. What great pictures! You make me want to go to Missouri to see elk.

    I didn’t use the phone on my camera for any of my pictures this month as it happens. To be a sport, I borrowed my sister’s iPhone for the first challenge, but the pictures weren’t so good, so I didn’t post them. Sometimes the camera on the phone really isn’t enough.


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