An Ongoing Project

I think we all have them, some project that we are working on.  In this case I am talking about a particular photo that I am trying to get.  I work on it from time to time.  I would just like a really good cardinal picture.  Here is my latest attempt:

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/4.5 1/500
ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/4.5 1/500

Really I think it would have helped if I had used my kit lens for this photo.  I used my 50mm and then cropped it later.  The good thing about using the 50 is that you get really good detail.  In this case though I just needed to be closer, and the the kit lens, which is a 28-135mm would have helped a bit here.  Looking at the photo again now I am also thinking I should have tried using my flash, just to maybe separate the black and red of the birds feathers.  I’m not sure if that would have worked, but it’s worth a try, so maybe next time I am working on this ongoing project, I will give it a try.



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  1. That is a good capture of the cardinal. Beautiful! The first time I saw one was in San Marcos Texas. I really don’t see much colorful birds around Houston thus I got really excited when I saw it.


    1. Actually yes, I don’t own a good zoom lens and before I purchase one I probably will rent just to make sure that I really want what I think I do. I will check with the cardinal first 🙂 and really I would have a whole laundry list of other shots to try 🙂


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