Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

I just thought it was funny that the weekly photo challenge at WordPress is a day in my life considering that my birthday is this week.  So, Saturday we had my birthday cake, here it is in gallery form:

Homemade carrot cake is my favorite.



65 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

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  1. Carrot cake, the best!
    I can remember some years ago baking this for my Belgian colleagues – they were astounded that one could eat vegetables in a cake! They however enjoyed it so much that the cake was finished in no time.


  2. Happy birthday! How much would my husband love that cake for his birthday…
    I’ve a friend who makes an amazing chocolate cake with courgettes. Zucchini I think to you. And cigarettes to my kindle, but luckily I caught it in its evil predictive ways before I hit ‘submit’!


      1. It’s delicious too, but different – you can see/taste the carrot in carrot cake, but you’d never know there was courgette in the choc cake… I don’t bake myself, as I know I’d do it and eat it all the time once I learned!


  3. I used to make a great carrot cake from scratch, but then it gradually gave way to drop-dead brownies with peppermint and cherries (all from scratch, of course), and now…. rarely cake (can’t afford the extra calories anymore). Hope you had a lovely birthday.


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