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Weekly Photo Challenge: (The Set-)Up

The weather here has been pretty crummy this past week.  During that time a robin has been busy building a nest outside my kitchen window.  I’m pretty excited about this development.  I got some great pictures last spring when we were lucky to have four baby robins grow up in a nest in that same spot.  This morning the weather had cleared so I set up my camera, and then went back inside to take some photos using my remote shutter. I couldn’t resist taking this photo of my set-up with my point and shoot when I saw it outside my window this morning:

The robin is off the nest and framed in-between the tripod legs.

The robin is off the nest and framed in-between the tripod legs.

With the camera I have set up outside, I got this shot:

ISO 400 50mm 0ev f/7.1 1/50

ISO 400 50mm 0ev f/7.1 1/50

I’m hoping to have some robin babies appear in the next few weeks.  My camera set-up is my response to this week’s photo challenge, up, at WordPress.



50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (The Set-)Up

  1. You are so lucky to have them within eyeshot. We may have some in the junipers but even so we won’t be able to photograph them. Keep us posted with your shots. Looking forward to seeing new developments. Nice shot you have for this challenge.


  2. Nice shot of the robin in the nest, and thanks for the link to the video from last year – that is a great series of shots. I’m happy to see that you’re setting up to chronicle 2013 and I look forward to pictures of the nest as the season progresses!


  3. poppytump says:

    OH that’s goiung to be amazing again then PJB to see some more robin nestlings !!! I remember that video well .
    Gosh .. you have some set up there 😉
    Have fun .


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