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In Defense of your Point and Shoot Camera

Most of the time when I am taking photos I use my Canon 50D.  I have a Canon Powershot ELPH as well, but most of the time that is used for photos of the kids when we are out and about.  The Powershot is lightweight and easy to use.  I generally don’t think about it much, it might be fair to say I take it for granted.  For this post I would like to share two photos that would not have been possible without my small camera:

ISO 200 9mm 0ev f4.5 1/13

ISO 200 9mm 0ev f4.5 1/13

This photo was taken in a very tight space.  My 50D would not have been able to fit in this space and focus.  The Powershot settings I adjusted, waited for the robin to leave the nest,  took a quick picture, and then hurried away.  This shot is nothing complicated, it is just a quick shot, I wanted to be in that space for the least amount of time possible.

Then there are times when your larger camera is in use, but you see another photo:

ISO 200 20mm 0ev f/5.6 1/40

ISO 200 20mm 0ev f/5.6 1/40

I had my larger camera set up for documenting the robin’s nest, and this bunny was very curious about what was going on, or maybe just hungry.  Without the smaller camera, I would have no photo.

Now, I am not ready to give up my 50D, but I just wanted to put in a good word for my Powershot.  Any thoughts on your favorite camera(s)?  feel free to share in the comment section.



42 thoughts on “In Defense of your Point and Shoot Camera

  1. I love the eggs photo. What a clear shot. We had a nest in the junipers last year and I don’t know whether I ‘looked’ too many times or another animal got into it because we found all the eggs on the ground.


  2. I had a small elph and I had to take it to the Caribean with me because I was just off crutches and my Nikon was too heavy. The photo I got from that little camera were amazing. So I can’t blow them up to poster size but the pictures were good enough for web and my albums.


  3. I also have a point-and-shoot camera – in difficult situations it usually doesn’t make pretty pictures – but if you know its deficits you can also make incredible pictures.
    (Well, my “good” camera is not perfect as well 🙂 )


  4. I agree completely. I’ve been traveling and all I had was my phone. I probably could have taken stronger images with my T3i, but since all I had was my phone it was the best camera of all. 🙂


  5. I LOVE that nest shot. Beautiful coloring. Very spring-y. I actually have had a few Canon Powershots. I just upgraded to a Canon EOS Rebel in February, but when I bought my bag for my camera I made sure it had a spot for my powershot. I really believe that for a point and shoot it is a GREAT camera, especially when used in good lighting. I wanted to be able to have it for just some snapshots along the way. Glad I made the right choice 😀


    • 🙂 Glad to validate your choice. I hope you like your Rebel, but I do think you will find that the point and shoot is still valuable. My powershot is pretty new because my old point and shoot died over the summer. There wasn’t even a question in my mind that I would replace it.


  6. Peripatetic Eric says:

    Enjoyed this post. Cute bunny. I have a few cameras including a Canon Powershot SX50 -the 50x optical zoom is great for wildlife shots.


  7. Nice shots! I agree with you about the point-and-shoot. If I am going somewhere with the grandkids and want to take photos, I will usually take my point-and-shoot and set it on auto. It’s much easier to carry around than my Canon DSLR.


  8. My point and shoot Canon Ixus 130 produces a lot more photos than my DSLR, but I get the best results with my DSLR. I always have my pocket camera with me at all times, even when I’m just going to get milk at the local shop down on the corner.


  9. Compact camera’s and camera phones do a great job as long as you don’t ask them to do the impossible. In fact, for many portrait / record shot scenarios they can be much easier to use and produce better results than the traditional DSLR – I make this point every year when asked to do the annual awards night photographs at the football club. No defence needed – horses for courses with a significant degree of overlap!

    Love the blue of those eggs – I hope there will be lots of chicks 🙂


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  11. For what it is worth, I decided I was getting too old to lug the DSLR and lenses everywhere. So the pocket compact goes everywhere, and the Canon SX50HS gives me 50x zoom when I need it. It is not ultra compact, but light enough. Now, if I could just hold it steady without a tripod, I’d really be laughing 🙂


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