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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

I went biking this past weekend and was thinking about this week’s photo challenge, escape.  I guess going biking was a way of escaping the housework.  Maybe this sounds crazy, but I think both being outside and cleaning the house are necessary things that I don’t want to escape.  Then I biked past this flower that had definitely escaped:

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/640

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/640

Escaped ideal growing spots anyway.  There is almost nowhere for this plant to spread.  It is a small beauty growing in an ugly space.  In case you are wondering, this plant is Squaw-weed, it is a native plant of Missouri and will grow quite well in your garden in you live this area.  I have some in my garden and it is a great spreader.

As for this particular photo, I was shooting pretty much in the middle of the day on a hazy day, so not great conditions.  I bracketed the exposure because I wanted to so an HDR image to get more detail.  I use Photomatix for my HDR images.  When it came to editing though, it turned out that I didn’t like the high detail version that came out.  I decided I liked a softer look instead.  So, while my HDR image still has detail in terms of the color, I decided against a super-sharp image, an escape from my usual method of editing.



31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. Sonel says:

    Isn’t it wonderful how these little weeds have the notion to turn up in quite strange spots? Love this one you took. It’s so colorful and you took a great shot of it as well, as with the editing. Lovely entry for the challenge indeed. 🙂


  2. This plant will make sure that hundreds of its babies will escape to another location, maybe more conducive…. Nature doesn’t care – as long as she can bloom and reproduce, that’s all that’s needed 🙂


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