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A “New” Website

Here it is, my new website:

I use SmugMug for my website, and they just changed the way things are set-up so I had to re-do the whole site.  If you have a SmugMug site and have not switched your site over yet I would recommend this tutorial.  It is a great 30-minute video about migrating a site.  Even if you do not have a site that looks exactly like it, the skills are transferable.  Ryan also runs a website called Photography (on the side) which is worth checking out.

If you have some time, please check out my website.  Feel free to leave any comments about it below.



33 thoughts on “A “New” Website

  1. I battled with them for weeks over bugs in the system, but things are settling in now and their new system really allows me to better control how I see my photos. I’m a happy camper again.


  2. Looking through my google analytics for my blog, I found that I was getting some traffic from this “marantophotography” blog. And now I see it’s my friend Amy! Hi Amy! Thank you SO much for the kind words about my SmugMug Tutorial. That means a lot to me that you should share it. I’m thrilled that I was able to help you out.

    I agree with everyone here — your site looks great. 🙂


    • Hi Ryan, I’m glad you came to visit and thanks for checking out my site, I appreciate that. I had meant to tweet you a link to this blog post just so you would know that I had been talking about you. I was pretty frustrated with my new site when I saw that you had updated your SmugMug Tutorial. As with the first tutorial, it was easy to follow and I was able to get up and running.


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