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Travel Theme: Connections

Today is Remembrance Day or Veterans Day and the poppy is a symbol for both.  I took a photo of some poppies growing in a field in Fundy National Park a few years ago and I decided to re-edit one of them for today.

ISO 200 135mm 0ev f/5.6 1/400

ISO 200 135mm 0ev f/5.6 1/400

In order to get the original shot, which I will put at the bottom of this post, I did have to set the shutter speed fairly high because it was windy that day and I did not have a tripod with me.  It still turned out to be a pretty bright image.  In the version that you see above I have combined a few filters in Photoshop and I ended up liking this particular combination.

First under Filter I chose -Filter Gallery and then -Colored Pencil.  I chose a fairly thick stroke and a medium-light canvas.  From there I chose Filter again and then -Other  -High Pass then I changed my blending mode to saturation.  It was the last step that dropped almost all of the color out of the image in a way that I liked.

Here is the original image:

ISO 200 135mm 0ev f/5.6 1/400

ISO 200 135mm 0ev f/5.6 1/400

Quite different isn’t it? Do you have a preference?

Sad that this poppy is connected with thoughts of so many who have died.  It is a beautiful flower.  This post was written in part in response to this week’s travel theme, connections.

Peace to all of you.



18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Connections

  1. When I think of poppies, I also think of Claude Monet’s paintings and “The Wizard of Oz.” I had some in my garden when we lived in Central New York. By now, you know which way I’d vote. I opt for the full-on, in-your-face red poppies. Beautiful photos.


    • Thanks, I do like that original. I think I like it because it reminds me of that trip and that field both of which were lovely. It was the first time I had actually seen that many poppies growing before I had always seen them represented in art. Seeing them like that in person made me understand why I had seen them pop up in other places 🙂


  2. Both are awesome, but I’m drawn to the one that is edited. It’s a great look, really well done. Two of my three flowers would not have been in focus, but I am getting a better understanding of shutter speed. We have had an unusual amount of very gusty days. I’m almost glad because it’s forced me to learn how to adjust to different weather situations. Great post, I appreciate the conversation.


    • Thank you, I wasn’t actually sure what my final edited version was going to look like, but when I saw that one I thought, there it is 🙂 There is nothing like bad shooting conditions to force you to learn how to use your camera, you either adjust or put the camera away really. For these flowers, it was pretty easy to get all three in focus because they were all the same distance away from the camera. Thanks for reminding me of that. I actually had shot some other poppies and was having that problem. I did want them all in focus, so I had to look around for three that actually were together like that so I would get the photo I wanted. I feel like I’ve written you a letter here, but thanks for commenting 🙂


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