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Tinkering with my blog

If you are a blogger, how often do you find yourself tinkering with the layout of your blog?  I’d have to say that it something that I think about but rarely do.  Last  week was an exception though, I did change something.  Actually, I added something.  It’s a visual widget and it is sitting on the right hand column of my blog.  It looks like this:

Me as a widget.

Me as a widget.

Now if you read this blog, you recognize the photo.  What it is doing over there is functioning as a random post generator.  Click on it and it will take you to a post from the past.  I was thinking about creating one of these after reading about a WordPress blog post about generating traffic for your older posts.  Within that post they mentioned PicMonkey which is the on-line photo editing site I used to create my image.  It was super easy to use.  So with my new photo on my desktop, I headed to a post from this summer by Rarasaur where she explains, using screen shots to help, exactly how to put a  random post generator in place.

With that in place I am free to obsess over the theme of my blog.  This one that I have now is OK, but my biggest complaint about it is that the pictures aren’t all that big, even when you click on them.   Problem is, I haven’t found a theme I like better.  And let me clarify that I would be using a free theme.  Wordpress does offer several for photographers that are beautiful but have a price tag attached.  My blog is a low budget operation, meaning I have no budget for it. I had a conversation with a blogger about the size of my images on this blog this week, she writes 16 blogs and here are the two themes she suggested along with a link to examples from her blog.  The first is Able and the other is Nishita.  Also, just in time for this post, WordPress had a post about choosing a theme that I’ll be looking at again for ideas. So perhaps I’ll be changing my theme in the coming weeks.

Is there a theme out there for photography that you really love? Let me know about it in the comment section.  Feel free to give my random post fetcher a try, let me know what you think if you have a moment.



30 thoughts on “Tinkering with my blog

  1. Thanks for the links to my blogs. One thing I’d like to mention in that when picking my themes, I try to think of what will showcase best what I’m trying to do. I love the black background for photography blogs (like Nishita) as I think black or dark backgrounds show off photography best. However, if you plan to write a lot of text, like I want to do on my America blog (Able), I think a light background is best. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble reading a lot of text on a dark background. And some of the black background themes have such tiny text!! Some other great photography blogs are these, in my opinion:

    I have more favorites but I don’t want to put too many links or my comment will go to spam.

    By the way, I like the visual widget and may have to check out Rarasaur’s instructions for that!


  2. I’ve used the Nishita theme before. Now I use “The Expound Theme” which I’m quite satisfied with. During the last two years I’ve changed the theme around 4 times, maybe 5…?

    The random post generator is a good idea. Perhaps I’ll add one to my blog as well?


  3. I am always looking through the free themes for new ideas and recently changed mine twice in one week. I had Able activated for a few days and liked a lot of things about it but interestingly the one thing I didn’t like was the picture size. The medium was too small and the next size up was too big to fit on the screen without scrolling. I was happy with Truly Minimal for quite a while and now I am using Fontfolio. So far, so good! The home page took a little getting used as it shows all posts as images (great for a photo oriented blog though) and I like the individual post pages because the image size is what I was looking for. Good luck making a choice!


    • I’m sure you would come up with something quite lovely and creative, just like the rest of the content on your blog. You don’t have to or anything, but if you are interested and end up trying this and blogging about it, I would love for you to come back and comment again, leaving a link to your creation. Just a thought…I know you have a very full life 🙂


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  5. I like your widget. I read Rara’s post and had good intentions but….
    I used to use Bueno and switched to Quintus which I passed over a bunch of times. I’m mostly happy with it. Large verticle photos I feel post too large so I always go back and shrink them to 80% but other than that I like it for a combo of writing and photos (I’m also anti black background for text)
    I always want to tinker with my blog but it takes me soooo much time to get it all how I want it I usually try to content myself with messing with the widgets and leaving the big theme changes for when I’m really sure what I want!


    • Thanks, I’m glad you like the widget. I’d been thinking about making one for awhile. It didn’t actually take too long, but it does usually take me awhile to switch themes. That is why I am sort of researching it now, and then I’ll carve a chunk out of some day and sit down and make the change. I’ll come and look at your theme again before I change mine. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


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