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Travel Theme: Still

This past weekend when I awoke to a fresh layer of snow on the ground, I thought, “Great now I don’t have to do any running around! ” I was very wrong about that, none of the activities we were scheduled for were cancelled.  So instead, we actually had one more thing to do, clear the driveway.  But before I got to shoveling snow I took some photos, including this one:

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/5 1/500

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/5 1/500

This photo is an HDR image.  I like using HDR in scenes like this to capture as much detail as possible.  The original images I shot handheld.  I used a high shutter speed to stop any motion.  In this case I used an f-stop of f/5 to blur the background some but not entirely.  I also chose an ISO of 160 because I knew I could go pretty low, but I did want to make sure I could still capture the detail of the shadows.  Here is the original middle exposure:

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/5 1/500

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/5 1/500

This post was written in part as a response to the theme, still, over at Where’s My Backpack?  Even though I had to do a lot of running around, the first thing I did that day was to appreciate the stillness that a fresh snow brings.

So, how about you, doing a lot of running around lately? What do you think of the photo, does it say “still” to you?  Feel free to comment below.



18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Still

    • Amy, I used Photomatix with these. In this case I launched the application, clicked on “load bracketed photos”,transferred the three exposures from Aperture to Photomatix by dragging them, then I stuck with all the preset options and let the software go to work. As it turns out I also liked the “default” option best when it showed the series of merged photos. Super easy.


  1. There is nothing that says still like a fresh snow in the quiet of the morning. And I love when ice hangs from the trees.

    Last week, I took pictures of some trees, now barren, except for a couple of dead leaves or red berries. The next day, it snowed. I took pictures again. The next day, we had freezing rain, leaving a coating of ice. I took pictures again.

    I can’t wait until I know enough about photography to make choices that enhance the images I am trying to capture. I am getting better with my point and shoot, but mostly I wing it. Sometimes, I forget to change the settings. I took a lot of photos of my Christmas tree ornaments using a landscape setting last week (shh..don’t tell). I took new photos today using different settings. Hopefully, they will look better.


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