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New Year, New Look

If you stop by this blog regularly you will have noticed that I changed my theme a few days ago.  I am using the theme Able, and so far I like it and I think I will be sticking with it for a little while at least.   I would like to thank those folks who responded to my post, Tinkering with my blog.  Several bloggers offered their thoughts on what would make a good theme for this blog.  For fun I thought I would share a link to a recent post from all of them: catbirdinamerica, Lignum Draco, Cardinal Guzman, Northwest Frame of Mind, Unique So Chic, Behind the Willows.

If you are wondering about my new header image, I wrote a post about it this past summer and it can be found here. The lesson learned there is that sometimes a snoozing lion isn’t really asleep, so pay attention.  I switched themes in part to be able to display bigger photographs, and I am still working on the exact size that I think fits the theme, is big enough for the viewer, but not too obnoxiously large.  If you have an opinion on sizing, or other aspect of this new layout, please feel free to leave a comment below.

I will leave you with one of my favorite photographs from my blog this year.  It was originally posted in an entry chronicling the nest. I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!


ISO 800 14mm 0ev f/5 1/60

ISO 800 14mm 0ev f/5 1/60


74 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. I love it. For photography, I think a theme like Able that shows larger pictures is great. It also looks really good when you do a gallery. I also like it that the text is larger than many other themes. Some themes I really have to struggle to read! That bird’s nest picture is beautifully showcased with this larger photo. Thanks too for the link to my blog! Happy new year! 🙂


  2. I think it looks fine. I always think about changing themes but am afraid I will mess up everything. 😦
    For some reason, I can’t “like” on this page although I can like it on the Reader page. Maybe just a temporary WP glitch. I can’t see any of the likes you have received……………..and I know you always receive many. 🙂


    • That is weird. Although, you can’t see the likes if you have landed on my main page, where you could scroll through many entries. To see the likes you do have to click on the actual single post and then you can “like”. I do suspect though, that since you were able to leave a comment, that there must have been a problem that time with the likes. I hope it is not a persistent problem though, that would be annoying. I completely understand what you are saying about messing things up; I will say though that the two times I have switched themes, all my widgets and linked pages have migrated without issue.


    • Actually, you are completely right, I went back realized that in my settings, it was not set to show likes or the other sharing options on my front page, so I changed it and it should be showing now. Thanks very much for pointing this out to me 🙂


  3. Happy New Year! I like the new look, so clean it makes your pictures stand out so well! In fact I’m trying not to like it too much in case I feel the need to make another switch… 🙂 The only other opinion I have on the photos is that while your landscape orientated ones fill my screen perfectly, so that I can see the whole picture and no text (which is how I like it!) the portrait style are too big to see all at once. I have the same problem on my theme. I always shrink them down to 70/80% after adding them to my post, kind of a pain but then you can see the whole image at once so I think it’s worth it. Thanks for the link back and have a great new years!


    • Hi, and thanks so much for your comment. I was looking at your blog again yesterday and I do like the way that you have sized the portrait style photos on your blog. I actually downloaded two of them to check out their size. The recent family portrait was 433×577 and the leaf was 512×683. I mention this because I am going to be messing around with my vertical sizing some more and once I settle on a size that works lengthwise I am going to create a preset in my editing software that will size my photos to the size I want and then I can skip the sizing them in WordPress. I just suggest that to you in case that would make your workflow easier. Also, don’t worry I put your photos in my trash after looking at the size, because I would not take something that doesn’t belong to me.


  4. I like the new look of your blog, especially the larger size of your photos. I looked at the owl you posted recently and the larger size really brings out the detail. Good Job!


    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you like it. I’m still tinkering with my vertical photos, getting them the right size so that they appear on screen without the viewer having to scroll down. It is my hope that I will figure out a pixel dimension size that will work with this theme and then set it as a preset in my photo editing software. The “work” never ends 🙂


  5. I really like your new looks here. I like the type of theme you’ve chosen where you can scroll down on the main site to see previous posts. Some themes have settings where it just shows the last 3 posts and then you’ll have to click to see previous ones… I never bother to click more than a page or two backwards. Your theme is also good for placing widgets in the right column and I love the widgets from WordPress.

    The colors in your photo is awesome: that bird is such a color contrast to the eggs.


  6. I do love your new theme and your new blog header. The size of the bird nest seems right. I love that photo (thanks for sharing it on my blog)!

    I have been wrestling with changing my theme for a while. One reason is the size of the photos. I am not a photographer, so most of my photos aren’t the focus of my post; therefore, they don’t need a larger size, but once in a while am frustrated by the limitations of my theme.


    • I’m glad that you like it, and I was really excited to have it featured this past year on your blog. I met a few new bloggers that way as well, so thanks for that 🙂
      It wasn’t hard to actually switch themes, but the hard part was deciding on a theme. I’m still working on the sizing of the portrait oriented photos. So, I know what you are talking about, being frustrated by the limitations of your theme.


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