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Travel Theme: Possibility

We have a tradition in this family of going out for a meal to celebrate birthdays.  This year, for one special birthday, we went to breakfast.  Here is what was ordered:

ISO 800 12mm 0ev f/5 1/50

ISO 800 12mm 0ev f/5 1/50

We went to the Courtesy Diner here in St. Louis home of Dr. Dan the pancake man, who is also on Facebook.  Actually, we just ordered the pancakes and said it was for a 16th birthday and this is what Dr. Dan created.  The Courtesy Diner is pretty much what you would expect, basic, filling, and tasty.  I had called in advance to make sure that Dr. Dan was on the schedule, because pancakes is what the birthday child had requested.

As for the photo, it was taken with my Canon Powershot, which for moments like this is perfect.  As for this post, it was written in response to the travel theme possibility over at Where’s My Backpack? because at sixteen there are a lot of possibilities for the year and for your life.



31 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Possibility

  1. Sonel says:

    So very creative. I am sure the birthday boy/girl enjoyed that pancake and I bet it was delicious too! Congrats! 😀
    Great shot Amy! *hugs*


  2. Su Leslie says:

    Brilliant! We have a dinner tradition too, and the boy-child invariably chooses Japanese food. It will be interesting to see what he wants to do for the upcoming 16th!


  3. What an excellent way to start the day. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen. I’d love a stack of pancakes like that, too.

    Today, Elvis’ birthday, is also our cats’ birthday. Reggie and Jean-Louis are 6. (They didn’t get any pancakes. Boo!) 😉


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