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Window on my Weekend

The theme for this week’s WordPress photo challenge is window.  I spent the weekend at the hockey rink.  My little hockey player had a series of out of town games, so three games in less than 24 hours.  If you play hockey you know that is a lot of ice time.  I watch and take photos from behind the glass.  It look a little while for it to occur to me that I could create a photo that would fit this challenge while I was at the rink.  So here is the scoreboard midway through the third game:

ISO 2500 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/320

ISO 2500 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/320

Ouch, not a good game for the home team, we would end up winning 11-4, which is not a typical score in hockey.  My little hockey player’s team won all three games, which is nice, but the first two games were actually more interesting in terms of actual hockey and the scores were a bit closer.

This photo above is a panorama.  I created it out of three photos in Photoshop.  From where I was standing it was not possible to get the whole scoreboard in the frame. So, I shot three separate frames, making sure to have enough overlap so that Photoshop would be able to piece them together.  In Photoshop I went to File-Automate-Photomerge and just used the presets to create the image.  From there I cropped and straightened the photo.  Looking at it now, I think it could have used a white balance correction.

This is week two of the Weekly Photo Challenge for this year.  Last week I was reading the entry for “Beginning” by Cardinal Guzman, and he had created widgets to use that would allow a blogger to collect photo challenge posts all in one place.  The link I provided will take you to see his creations, one of which I am using in the right hand column of my blog. I would like to thank him for sharing and encourage you to visit his blog if you are interested.

So what do you think of my panorama? Are you a hockey fan?  If you have never seen a game I would encourage you to give it a try.  Check your local rink for a free game!



28 thoughts on “Window on my Weekend

  1. Great Panorama. Hockey has never been a favourite game of mine since i got cracked around the shins at school. In those days, we didn’t have protective pads to shield us from injury. 😦 Well done to your home team!


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  3. Thanks for the thanks! I am, as you already know, a hockey fan. Sometimes I play hockey, other times I go to watch a game.
    I think it’s cool that you use my widget and I look forward to see your entries for WPC this year.
    I agree with you that a white balance correction would have been good for this photo, but I think you did a good job on the panorama. I hope your team will win a lot this season!


    • Yes, the white balance I didn’t think about until afterwards. Usually I do a batch white balance correction on the hockey photos I take, but I hadn’t really gotten to that this time around. I guess that is why sometimes it is helpful to stick with a workflow.
      The season is going pretty well, they are playing really well as a team.


      • I haven’t even tried my skates on this season, because the winter has been too mild. Now it’s getting colder and we might see some ice, but at the same time it’s snowing so the ice will be covered…


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