Photo-Editing Challenge: Feathers

Feathers is the theme offered by Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge.  This week I am working on a series of images inspired by Photogravure.  I’ve written about how to create this effect here, using a winter scene and a journal page, and here using a photo of a tree.

This time around I used a shot I captured outside my office after a recent snow.  Here is the original photo:

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250
ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250

If you are thinking that you have seen this photo before on this blog, you are right.  I wrote about another edited version of it here.  This time around, here is my final photo:

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250
ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250

If you have read my other posts you know the basics of how I approached the editing of this photo.  So, like the others it has a blur filter layer, a gradient map layer, and a texture layer.  What I added to this particular one was a final levels layer.  On that layer I brightened the photo and then added a mask to the layer.  Then I inverted the mask, so that the lighten version was not showing.  Then I took a brush, that was soft and had a jitter to it, and I brushed across the mask.  The effect this had was to add bits of light in a organic manner.  So, this ended up being a four layer file in Photoshop.

What do you think of the final version? Feel free to leave a comment below. A version of this photo is available for sale on Picfair.



33 thoughts on “Photo-Editing Challenge: Feathers

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    1. I know you write haiku, so what any awesome comment you have left me 🙂 Let me know if you write one based on this photo. I used to write poetry, and I always thought haiku was a difficult style to write in, yet so beautiful when done well. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  1. I love the original photo. I think the snow looks really cool in the edited version. It reminds me more of clouds than snow. Overall, the edited picture reminds me of old photos. Pretty.


  2. I like how it came out, but found the yellow a bit too much – especially the square shape section in the edited version – it is just snow – but I found that it was bottom heavy – I dunno – but thanks for sharing about the layers – and you definitely captured a vintage look. 🙂


    1. Thanks, the yellow was a bit much when printed on the white paper, but worked better on the tan paper. The cropping you are talking about, I keep going back and forth about, I agree, it is a bit bottom heavy. The print that worked best on the white paper was actually this shot with the blending mode set to multiply, that darkened the whole thing and deepened the shade of yellow which was a better look. Thank you for your honest opinion.


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