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Photo-Editing Challenge: Feathers

Feathers is the theme offered by Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge.  This week I am working on a series of images inspired by Photogravure.  I’ve written about how to create this effect here, using a winter scene and a journal page, and here using a photo of a tree.

This time around I used a shot I captured outside my office after a recent snow.  Here is the original photo:

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250

If you are thinking that you have seen this photo before on this blog, you are right.  I wrote about another edited version of it here.  This time around, here is my final photo:

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/9 1/250

If you have read my other posts you know the basics of how I approached the editing of this photo.  So, like the others it has a blur filter layer, a gradient map layer, and a texture layer.  What I added to this particular one was a final levels layer.  On that layer I brightened the photo and then added a mask to the layer.  Then I inverted the mask, so that the lighten version was not showing.  Then I took a brush, that was soft and had a jitter to it, and I brushed across the mask.  The effect this had was to add bits of light in a organic manner.  So, this ended up being a four layer file in Photoshop.

What do you think of the final version? Feel free to leave a comment below. A version of this photo is available for sale on Picfair.



33 thoughts on “Photo-Editing Challenge: Feathers

    • I know you write haiku, so what any awesome comment you have left me 🙂 Let me know if you write one based on this photo. I used to write poetry, and I always thought haiku was a difficult style to write in, yet so beautiful when done well. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  1. I love the original photo. I think the snow looks really cool in the edited version. It reminds me more of clouds than snow. Overall, the edited picture reminds me of old photos. Pretty.


  2. I like how it came out, but found the yellow a bit too much – especially the square shape section in the edited version – it is just snow – but I found that it was bottom heavy – I dunno – but thanks for sharing about the layers – and you definitely captured a vintage look. 🙂


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