Seeing Red in RAW

Just yesterday I published a post where this climbing bag was the finished result:

ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/3.2 1/60
ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/3.2 1/60

While I was working yesterday, I saw in my textbook that there was a way to desaturate an image selectively using Camera Raw.  It was a technique I had never tried before, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Here is my finished result:

ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/3.2 1/60
ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/3.2 1/60

I found this pretty interesting, and there would be a lot of fun ways to edit using this technique.  It was very straightforward as well.  I opened the image in Camera Raw from Bridge.  From the original dialogue box I clicked open the HSL/Grayscale tab and made my adjustments.  Here is a screenshot of the settings that I used:

Here are the settings I used
Here are the settings I used

I started with desaturating all the colors but red and then decided to boost the reds just for fun.

So what do you think of my red version?  What kind of photo do you think might work with this technique?  I am thinking a landscape or floral photo.



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  1. Color just the couch in a room say. Or color clothing of people but leave exposed skin gray-scale. I only have Photoshop CS3. It may not have that feature, so I’d be interested to know what version you’re using.


    1. Just one object of furniture in a room is not something I had considered, but it would be interesting I think. The class I am taking is technically for Creative Cloud, but I am using CS6. I was using Aperture and GIMP before this so I am not sure how CS6 compares with CS3.


  2. I don’t use this technique much but it works very well when you have a strong colour/subject.
    My suggestion would be an extra step to what you have done. Take the editing brush and set to 100% desaturation, and desaturate all the reds except that middle owl on the top. I think it would make for a stronger impact.


  3. I really enjoyed this post – and what a cute bag – in both versions. I am not teaching right now, but if I was – I would use this example to teach contrast! I also noticed something about that LABEL in your edited version – and so some talk about brands and logos could come out of this post as well. thanks for sharing the screenshot of the settings – that added to the read for me….


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