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So What Does That Say About Me?

I spend a lot of time watching hockey.  Yesterday it was two live games.  One featuring my hockey child and one NHL game.  At the level my hockey child plays, there is no fighting.  The NHL is a different story, here is a shot from yesterday’s game:

ISO 500 22mm 0ev f/5.9 1/100

ISO 500 22mm 0ev f/5.9 1/100

I shot this photo using my point and shoot and then left it unedited, just a snapshot from a game.

I love watching hockey, and I don’t mind a good fight that works with the flow of the game.  I’m not a fan of fighting that breaks up the flow of the game.  How complicated of me. Allowing fighting in games is a hot topic of discussion among fans, and I have to say if they got rid of it in the NHL, I would still watch.

But what does it say about me that I think fighting can be a good part of the game? Something for me to think about as I write this post in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge, “Selfie”.

Have a thought about this post? feel free to leave a comment below, but no need to drop the gloves, this a “no fighting” blog.



34 thoughts on “So What Does That Say About Me?

  1. I am no expert on hockey. What kind of Canadian am I ? 🙂 I don’t personally see how something that would result in charges of assault on the street outside the rink would be all right when done on the ice. I know many would disagree. Be gentle with me….


    • As someone who is an American and does not like baseball, I would be the last to question what kind of Canadian you are 🙂 You bring up a valid point. The league does attempt to ban play that it considers dangerous, but where to draw that line? There are plenty who say that fighting should be included on that list. Honestly, more leagues don’t allow fighting than do and it is a good game without it.


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  5. I love professional photos – and then edited ones – and all kinds!!! – and well, this “snapshot from a game” is just perfect too – nice post. My sister and her family (in Ontario Canada) live on the ice throughout the year – big hockey family! 🙂

    and I do not know so much about the fighting – but a few of the ones I saw made me wonder about head injuries – and they may have more risk for concussions than players in the NFL – I mean – when the helmets are off and those punches land – ouch!


    • Thank you and I agree, I enjoy looking at all types of photos as well. I lived in Ontario for awhile, and that is where I “found” hockey.
      Your point about concussions is a good one. I actually worry about concussions more from some of the other injuries they get, like being slammed into the boards from behind head first. A situation where they did not see it coming and had no opportunity to avoid it. But a concussion is a serious injury no matter how you got it.


  6. Sonel says:

    If we had ice hockey games here I would have watched it as well. I love it! Great shot Amy! I also don’t mind the fighting as long as I am not in it. LOL! Watching it is like watching a movie. There has to be some action now and then. hehehehe


  7. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I’ve only ever seen one hockey match and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. But then I feel pretty much the same about baseball. And don’t get me started on fighting… But great shot otherwise. 🙂


  8. I’m not terribly impressed by the fights I see in the NHL, and apart from being a visual artist I am also a lifelong martial artist. What I see in the NHL would actually be excusable to me if it wasn’t so obvious that the mentality of those who engage in the fights do it to satisfy their penchant for violence. Each year, they get worse in their assaults on each other, and apparently because the NHL lets them get away with it. As far as “the game”, the “rules of play”, I have yet to see a legitimate reason for smashing an opponents head into the sideboards resulting in him being taken off the ice. None of it has ever proven that it has helped either team score on the other’s net.

    I’ve said it many times that while I appreciate the NHL and the Stanley Cup, my favourite hockey to watch is Olympic hockey.


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