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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Something that changed my life in a lot of ways was living in South Korea.  As a family we have lived a lot of places and traveled as much as possible.  I have a lot of things to remind me of where I have been.  One of the things I am doing in my life now is taking a Photoshop class.  I have a food assignment now and I have been taking test shots to get my ideas together for this project.  Here is one that I shot a few days ago:

ISO 100 9mm 0ev f/4.5 1/25

ISO 100 9mm 0ev f/4.5 1/25

I thought this project would mean more to me if I picked something that represented me.  The mini kimchee pots in the background are from our time in Korea.  The teacups were a gift from my husband when he went to Taiwan.  Tea brings back memories of my time in Asia as well as England and Canada.

The photo above is unedited and was shot using my point and shoot camera. In my next photo shoot for this project I will have reconsidered the background, the lighting, and the staging.  This original shoot includes approximately 300 shots, taken over the course of the day, with two different cameras.  Most of them will end up in the trash can. Right now I am using them to think about what I want to change.

Since I am going to be taking and editing and thinking about this project so much you can see why I chose to shoot something that I treasure.  How about you? do you have something that you photograph over and over because of what it means to you?  What do you think of my test shot? The red tablecloth has to go right?



56 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

  1. Treasure these certainly are as they remind you of so much…Apropos the tablecloth, red is perhaps a little discordant. plain white damask? Pale blue of the right shade? Good luck with your project, 🙂


  2. Nice shot. In keeping with an asian tone, I think the red cloth works fine. Personally, I would make the photo simpler. Just 1 or 3 ceramic pieces (prime numbers are easier on the eye) and maybe some tea leaves spilt on the tablecloth.


    • The tablecloth kind of got shot down in my first critique, so I will be trying a different background for the next series and see how it goes. I had some shots with the tea out and around on the tablecloth, professor didn’t go for that either, but that is an idea that I have not given up on. I am thinking though, that I do need to simplify the composition. Thanks for leaving an honest critique.


  3. It’s great that you chose something personal and meaningful to photograph, especially since you’ll be working with the image a lot. You’ve got a lot of good feedback, but I also think it’s important to keep the image yours. I personally like the red, but you could experiment with simplifying the image.

    I’m curious about you living in Korea. When and where? I lived in Daegu for one year from 2010-2011. I have a lot of fond memories, although at the time I had to deal with a lot of hardships. 🙂


    • Yes, I did some more test shots yesterday. I liked the idea of red, but not really the way it turned out. I may revisit that at some point though.
      I was in Korea twice, in 1993, and 2002-2004. The first time we lived in a small village not too far from the border and the second time in Seoul. For a lot of reasons, two completely different experiences. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I have had to live and visit outside of the USA.


      • Wow, interesting that you were in Korea for so long. Were you in the military or teaching English, or something else altogether? I have a blog about my time in Korea; it was a fascinating time. I miss living abroad. 🙂


      • It was work related, but I’m not in the military. I know a lot of folks go over to teach English. I did really enjoy my time there. I think it is just such a good experience to live outside your home country for awhile. I just think maybe we would all get along better as nations if we had a chance to live abroad and see how similar people are and how our differences are important.


  4. I LIKE THE RED TABLECLOTH. If you want to eliminate something, I would take out the two extra cups. However, I like the blue pattern because it adds visual interest. But do not get rid of that red cloth. Look…….look at the reflected red on the side of the brown pot! That spot of red is fabulous. I look at everything as a painter. I am a PAINTER. Keep that red tablecloth…


    • I like the idea of the red tablecloth, but it just isn’t quite working the way I would like it to in this photo. I have a few ideas about how I might change it. I took another round of photos yesterday just as part of the process of thinking my way through the assignment. Thanks for feeling strongly enough about this to leave a response.


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  8. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I want to come back and read the comments when I have a moment but I’m at work right now. I just thought that the tablecloth dids not bother me- though I can’t wait to see how the photo progresses in the future. I always seem to go back to taking photographs not of any item that means a lot to me but of a location. El Dorado NV. It has no special meaning to me but is a once abandoned mining community that has been turned into a ghost town of sorts with ancient buildings, and rusted cars, trucks, and machinery from all over the southwest brought there for photographers like me to spend the day. They have also opened a portion of the mine for tours.


  9. I love taking photos of flowers, they are always so cooperative and I find them so peaceful. My kimchee pot would have turned out blurry and I would be going insane. All of my frame is never in focus and I get so annoyed. I’m trying though and I learn so much from your informative posts.


  10. yummmmm – the first word I thought when I saw this pic.

    and the cloth looks pink to me. Maybe it is my screen – but it looks like a warm pink! and actually, I love that color anchoring it all. The texture of the cloth has a bit of zig-zag – the cloth itself is not perfectly flat – and that works well with all the smoothness of the pots and teacups. Now if you take the cloth out- I am so curious to see the cool things you will add – but in this take – it also works with the logo on the cup – the hint of color on the dragon – and then up in the loose tea – I believe the few pieces of red and then the yellow strands are also completed by this cloth. So I would be curious to see how the tea and logo looks with the cloth removed.

    Also, I appreciate the little specs of tea you left in the bottom of the liquid tea. It is inviting – and adds a fresh feeling. Also, the older, natural cotton feel of the cloth adds a warmth and more casual feel to the shot.

    One last thing, the teacup on the far right – well it is placed in such a way to where we only see most of the lighter blue – and by doing this – it felt like it helped enforce the focal point to be that beautiful upside down cup.

    when I saw this pic – well The eye starts with the liquid tea – then moves around and soaks up the dark brown pots and nice loose tea and “red” cloth – but the eye keeps coming back to that bottom side up cup. And then – after some familiarity sets in – that cup speaks even more — the three circles of color (and the three dragons) form a subtle triangular shape around the center logo.

    nice treasure.


    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments about this photo. I am trying to go for a sort of warm and inviting feel that having a cup of tea invokes. At the same time, these are elegant and delicate cups, not my dishwasher-chiped every day ones. My second round of photos I have taken out the reds and it does have a much cooler feel. I will be posting them probably within the week. I’m kind of working on this project along with a few other things.

      The tablecloth in this case is bothering me, and it did turn out too pink on my screen as well. I might try reshooting it that way, I just haven’t decided on that yet. I guess for now, I am trying to simplify this image. Perhaps I was trying to add too much in the first go round.

      In any case, I appreciate the time you took to write out your thoughts, it was very helpful for me to read and then think again about what I am trying to do here.



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