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Travel Theme: Romance

It was Valentine’s day this past week, but some of my valentines were out of town therefore it was kind of amusing to me that romance is the theme at Where’s My Backpack?  We don’t really go all out for this holiday in this household, but I do try to do something small for the family.  I was thinking about what I could make for my husband when I stumbled across this cranberry walnut bread over at the blog Notes from Dawn.  I am also working on a food photography project for my Photoshop class, so I took some pictures just to think about the lighting part of the project.  Many of you know that tea is the subject of my project, but here I am using cranberries as test subject:

ISO 1600 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/60

ISO 1600 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/60

For me, this photo reinforces my thought that I would like to use natural light for this project.  I dislike the tinges of artificial light that you can see on the strainer.  It was good to do this though, because natural light has been in short supply here lately,  and I am anxious to move along with this project.  I guess I’ll also have to learn something about patience.

The bread was yummy too, that was the other thing I discovered by doing this lighting exercise for my Photoshop class.  Also, I’m no romantic, but it is nice when everyone is back safe and sound at home.

Do you photograph food? what is your take on artificial versus natural light?



29 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Romance

  1. Beautiful red berries! I am no expert at all but I will say I am a big fan of natural light ….perhaps because we have so little of it in the short days of winter. 🙂 Nice take on the theme too!


    • I think that is part of it, that I would just want to use the natural light this time of year because it is short supply. I suspect to that because what I am shooting are deep colors that the artificial light just comes across as harsh, and that is just not what I am going for here.


  2. Love your cranberry photo. Rich, rich red and I’ll bet the bread was amazing.

    I have taken a few photos of food. Although I think my most recent favorite is the crepes a friend took of our lunch at a French cafe. Just wonderful!


    • The bread was good, for my taste more a desert than something that would be served with a meal. I love crepes, my Grandmother used to make wonderful crepes. I have to say I don’t usually take food photos. Doing this assignment has underlined how difficult it can be to really do it well.


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  4. The photo of the berries is beautiful. The bread sounds delicious. And I am glad that your loved ones returned home safely.

    Food photos? I have tried a few. So far, nothing that I have really been wowed by. I have tried your tip about using the food setting on my camera for macro shots. That was good advice (when I remember to use it).

    I prefer natural lighting over artificial lighting almost always. There are times when it isn’t enough. Of course, I am not an expert.

    As for your photo; I don’t find the artificial lighting distracting. In fact, the bright light whitens the strainer in a way that creates beautiful contrast against the red berries.


    • Thank you, and the bread was very good, it made an excellent dessert for several days here in this house. While they were on the road their was some really bad weather, so I was just concerned about the driving they were doing.
      I agree with you about the natural light, I do prefer it, and I guess I find it easier to work with as well. I think too, if I understood how to control artificial light better, I would like it better 🙂


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