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Six Hundred Abandoned Photos

In my food photography project for Photoshop class, I have been through a lot of photos and a lot of edits.  My virtual trash bin is full to overflowing.  But I am finished with the project, six hundred photos later.  Here are some of the photos from along the way:

Along the way I have written three other posts, and I would like to thank all of you who commented on any or all of my versions of this project.  In each of the steps along the way, I have found that your comments made me think more about this project and helped me decide what my final vision was for this project.

Here is the final photo:

ISO 400 50mm 0ev f/4 1/100

ISO 400 50mm 0ev f/4 1/100

This version combined the light and dark of other versions.  I also straightened the image a bit.  I also boosted the blue in the tea cups a bit.  If you are a regular reader you know that it took me awhile to get here.  If you are interested the other posts they are available here, here, and here. A version of this photo is available in my Picfair portfolio.

The next step is to turn in a digital copy on Monday and a print on Wednesday.  The final print will be approximately 15×10 on a semi-gloss paper.  I haven’t done any test prints yet, but will probably on Monday.  I’m curious to see how it goes.  The digital version will also be entered in the weekly photography competition at my photo club.  As for the other versions along the way, well except for maybe the top fifteen or so, the rest will be abandoned, relegated to the trash bin.

So, what do you think of my final version? Quite a bit different from where I started.  Feel free to leave a comment about the final version or wish me luck in this week’s competition.



69 thoughts on “Six Hundred Abandoned Photos

  1. I love the final photo with the steam and light playing together. The second last with the skilled tea leaves really catches my eye and the light from behind. Well done!


  2. Sonel says:

    It looks like you had lots of fun Amy! Wishing you the best of luck in the competition. If you don’t win with this photo then I don’t know. Great shots! 😀


  3. Well I was out of town and was not able to follow the other posts – so I went from your first one to today’s final post….

    Anyhow, as I looked at the collage – it was cool to see the different takes. I liked the cloth left in some- but also like the feel of the wood from the table – and the different lighting and placements, etc. – I then decided I liked the large photo best (the one to the upper left – with the reflection and the natural feel to it) – however, this was before I scrolled down –

    because then I was “wow-ed” when I scrolled all the way down to see the final photo! I think you chose a really good one – because it is striking. love it.
    the steam, the lighting- and that beautiful table- (rustic, yet smooth) and the the different colors (subtle) in the wood works well with the colors in the tea cups. I almost wonder what it would look like without that third cup – the tilted one – but I can see why you chose to leave the angled cup in. It is interesting that way!

    I look forward to going back to read the other posts – thanks for linking them in this post for us to do that easily – and congrats on the final choice – it is my fav of them all – and best wishes in the competition….. 🙂


    • See what you “miss” when you go out of town 🙂 Kidding, the internet will always wait for you to get back. It looked like you had a pretty good trip, although maybe not the sunniest of weather?

      I’m glad that you like my final version. Although I did like some of my other takes, this did end up being my favorite. The number of cups and the lighting are two things that I went back and forth about a lot for this project. It was a lot to think about for being such a simple composition, and a lot to consider reshooting at some point in the future. Thanks for saying that you find the links back to other posts helpful, I always go back and forth about if doing that is helpful or annoying. I guess it just depends on the reader, but personally I hate to reference something and then not provide a link to what I am talking about.

      Thanks for the well wishes on the competition, believe me, I’ll post about it if it goes well 🙂



      • well the weather was pretty awesome (thanks for asking) and my mom and I noted a few times how just the entire month before I came it was horrible weather – and so I had at least 4 really sunny days with blue skies – but the final day was all rain – which made me more grateful for the other days!

        and regarding the links – I like how it gives us the option – if we want to – and for those that do not want to – they can just move on.

        and I did have a chance to skim the other posts – and very cool.

        oh yeah – and another thing I like about your final selection is the gradation of blue in the cups – I noticed that more today – and again, what a great choice for the final!


      • I’m glad to hear you got more good weather days than bad, it’s always a bummer to go somewhere “nice” and then get rain. I do tend to agree with you about links, I do always skip over ones that don’t interest me in other posts, so I guess people visiting will feel free to do the same when they are visiting here but not super interested in the topic of the moment. I worked on that blue for quite awhile, so I am interested to see how it turns out printed.


  4. I still like the idea of spilt tea leaves, despite your teacher’s dislike for it. 🙂 But that’s what good about photography. Everyone sees things differently, and rules are there to be challenged.


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  9. This final photo is beautiful. The steam rising from the cups was a brilliant idea, since the challenge involves food. It makes sense that we should see that the cups are not empty. The color of the background is really pretty. The color of the cups stand out against it. I also like the counter surface – moving from the light into the shadow. Good luck with the print and with your photo club 🙂


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