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Travel Theme: Tempting

Sometimes when I am traveling, I am tempted to put my camera away.  Sometimes there  is a good reason for that, but honestly most of the time it is because I am tired.  I was just on the verge of putting my camera away the other day when a docent came up and told me I had to take this picture:

ISO 250 50mm 0ev f/6.3 1/125

ISO 250 50mm 0ev f/6.3 1/125

He was right, so three cheers for the docents at the St. Louis Zoo!

I am on a break from my Photoshop class, so for this photo I just did some cropping and sharpening in Aperture.  Is this an award winning photo? No, but it is a nice snapshot of this Red Panda in the morning light.  If you go to the zoo, I would recommend going early to get the best morning light and to beat the crowds.

This Red Panda spends a lot of its time resting and roaming around near the back of her home.  I have few photos of her, something I have written about before here and here.

Do you talk to docents when you visit places like the zoo? We do, they tend to be very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter.  Have you ever had a moment like this, where you were about to put the camera away and someone told you not to?

This post was written in response to the theme tempting at Where’s My Backpack?



30 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Tempting

  1. It would be a rare day that I wouldn’t at least have my iPhone with me because sometimes the opportunities like this present. While running I have had ducklings appear at my feet, geese chasing me, a beaver waddling beside me….the photos may not be of great quality but so fun to be able to capture the surprise visitors.


  2. I have been thinking of visiting the local zoo for some time now…your photo gives me another inspiration to visit before summer descends with all its strength! Lovely capture! 🙂


  3. I like to put the camera down and enjoy the moment too. I’d rather have a few photos and remember the time well, than have hundreds of photos and not remember actually being involved.
    Have I ever had a moment where I was about to put the camera away and someone told you not to? Yes. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re not.


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