Weekly Photo Challenge: Life on My Street

Spring is coming to my neighborhood, and I’m pretty excited about it.  The house across the street from ours has some lovely trees including this one:

ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/4000
ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/4000

I am considering using this bloom in a Photoshop project I am working on.  It was an overcast day, so the light was OK even at 11:30am.  If you look at my shutter speed, you will see that it is really high.  That is because it was really windy!  I set the f-stop at f/5.6 because I was pretty sure that would capture the detail I needed.

If I do end up using this photo, I will actually take the bloom out of the photo and place it in another one.  So, after I was finished taking the photo, I put it in Photoshop.  I used the magic wand tool to select the bloom and then made a copy.  Then I opened a new document that had a transparent background, and pasted the bloom into it.  There is sits waiting for the rest of the project to come together.  The edited version looks like this:

ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/4000
ISO 800 50mm 0ev f/5.6 1/4000

You can see more clearly in this version the little insect that is visiting.  In my final project, this image would be scaled down, so you will not be able to see him.

Even though I am not sure if I will use this bloom, I was certain that I needed to take this photo.  The petals on this tree are pretty delicate and a few good rainstorms will knock them to the ground.  Rain is in the forecast for this week.

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was street life. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into what is going on on my street this week.



54 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Life on My Street

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    1. The “reflector” I have is one of those aluminum car window shields that is supposed to keep your car cool on a sunny day. It folds up, but is still pretty large. I could have used it but didn’t think of it. I’m curious to know what you use as a reflector?


      1. Oh my heavens how frightening. It is very very rare to have a tornado in Western Canada so I can’t imagine what a morning shock it would have been. I will stop complaining about the snow.


  1. A stunning shot for sure Amy and I love the editing you did. It’s always wonderful to see the little visitors as well. 😀


  2. Wonderful images, I especially like the last one. Thanks for always sharing the valuable information with us, I find this most helpful!
    Love, Dina


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