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Travel Theme: Round

I guess I had been holding onto these photos waiting for the travel theme at Where’s My Backpack? to be round. This is the week my friends!  The photo below I took at Laumeir Sculpture Park in St. Louis:

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/9 1/160

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/9 1/160

This edited version is an HDR image that has been processed in Photomatix.  Here is one of the original exposures:

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/9 1/160

ISO 100 50mm 0ev f/9 1/160

It was a sunny day so it would have been hard to get a perfect exposure in just one photo, so I knew I was going to edit the image into an HDR image.  Also, the veins in the eye were just screaming for the over the top result that HDR can easily give you.

Laumeir Park is a nice place to walk around, you can bring a picnic if the weather is nice and enjoy looking at all the art.  The particular piece is called The Eye by Tony Tasset, and it is on permanent display in the park.  It almost always has folks standing around it, how could you not stop and stare at an eyeball that is 12 feet in diameter?

So, what do you think of my HDR treatment of this piece of art? do you think you could walk past it without stopping? Your thoughts and comments are welcome below!



44 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Round

  1. Sonel says:

    Good grief! What a big eye! Well, you captured it well Amy and love the HDR effect indeed but I can honestly tell you I won’t be able to have a picnic and eat anything with that eye looking at me all the time. LOL!


  2. Sweet as a Picture says:

    Oh wow! What an arresting display and arresting photographs! I like your HDR treatment. Very nice. I plan on checking out the link when I get a chance! Thanks!. 🙂


  3. I love the HDR-ed photo, especially how you can see some reflection in the centre of the eyeball. The whole round mass looks like an alien-being, radiating electricity rays to keep itself safe. If I saw this HDR-ed eye, I would definitely not go near it. Too scary. Good job 🙂


  4. how cool!!!!! i think any park that has this is a cool park – and I would love to go and see Laumeir Park sometime. It also shows how we all have so many unique things in our backyard – (or neighborhood) and I know it help dmd to stop complaining about Richmond when I went out and tried to embrace what it has to offer. It helped me feel more at home, which is still not quite there for me.

    and okay, I am sending a big container of Visine eye drops – you know, helps get the red out. just kidding.

    but this was such a fun photo – and I love when you show us the original – it really adds to the comparing and just to enjoying the edit more.

    anyhow, the edited version feels like a different season – and it seems like a sunny day – whereas the original felt let a colder, darker time of year.

    and what you did with the pupil is very cool. what is the reflection of?

    and I almost wonder a pair of these would look like…. ?


    • Yeah, this eye could use some Visine 🙂 I’m not sure how I would feel about a pair of them. I was thinking about that and it would certainly change the how composition wouldn’t it? Funny how just doubling something would have that effect.
      The refection if I remember was just a pile of dirt and a trash can. I think I remember that they were working on something right there. I also think it is interesting to see where you have started when the end result is and edited photo like this, sometimes the results surprise me, so I like to include the original.
      Also, I have moved a lot and I agree that if you are going to feel settled in an area it really helps to get out and see what the area has to offer. I do have to say that while not every aspect of living where I am now is fabulous, this area really does have a lot to offer in the way of things to see and do and a lot of it is low or no cost.


      • you are right – a second one would change everything – hmmm and when you said that about “doubling” – well
        for some reason I just thought of all the Doublemint commercials there used to be – remember those – with all the twins?

        anyhow, this artsy eye has to look very cool sitting there – how fun! art adds so much spice to life…

        Have a great day – and thanks for taking time to reply/comment – it makes blogging so much more fun!


      • I do remember all those commercials:)

        I agree, it is nice to have this blogging community. It means a lot to me when people take the time to comment on my posts and I really do like looking at what other people are working on. So thank you as well for visiting me 🙂


    • Actually, I’m not sure. The night photos I’ve seen, it has always been lit up; which begs the question is it scarier to be walking around and stumble across a lit up eyeball or run into a huge eyeball because it is totally dark?


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