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Weekly Photo Challenge: Follow the Signs

Sometimes when you are out hiking trial markers are very helpful, other times less so:

ISO 125 4mm f/2.8 1/120

ISO 125 4mm f/2.8 1/120

I took this photo over the summer while on a backpacking trail at Hawn State Park in Missouri.  When we are carrying all the stuff needed for backpacking I tend to just carry my phone and use the camera that it has.  In this case, that was all I needed, just a snapshot to show a funny sign.

Signing in can be very important when it comes to backpacking.  We also stop and register at the trailhead when we will be gone for a few days:

ISO 80 4mm f/2.8 1/24

ISO 80 4mm f/2.8 1/24

Fo this photo, which was also taken with my phone, I have edited it using a Iris-blur filter in Photoshop.  This obscures the details of the people signing in and I have set the focus point on the act of signing in.

When out on the trail sometimes it is difficult to find creatures like this frog, because they are attempting to give no sign of their presence:

ISO 64 4mm f/2.8 1/24

ISO 64 4mm f/2.8 1/24

Even sharpened a bit in Photoshop, this photo is still a bit blurry and is a situation where I wish I had one of my more sophisticated cameras with me.  This frog was beautifully blended with the background, and my camera phone really doesn’t do him justice.

How do you decided which camera to take on a trip? For me, a lot of that comes down to weight and how much else I am going to be carrying.



29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Follow the Signs

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  3. The first shot: maybe there was a pot of gold hiding in the tree and you were meant to crack open its bark. And great capture of the frog…it doesn’t look happy by all the attention 😀 Sometimes I find it hard to decide between my point-and-shoot or mirrorless compact. For me, it comes down to how much I’m carrying too, and also how far I’m walking.


  4. really enjoyed the variety among the 3 photos for the signs WPC. And my eye was drawn right to the signing in – so your effect really worked – the tree arrows were fun and I love how you centered it like that – with all those skinnier trees in the back.

    the frog in camouflage just adds to the whole adventure feel too – and all pics were “signs” that this was a fun time (ok, cheesy, but I had to throw that in there…)


  5. If I’m going on trips I always bring my DSLR camera, but it can be heavy to drag around… I have a point&shoot camera that I always carry with me, but it’s not better than a phone camera and often I don’t even bother to use it because I know that I won’t be satisfied with the result.


  6. Good job spotting the frog. I take my iPhone 5S everywhere because it’s so easy and, overall, takes great photos. There are times I wish I had my Nikon but not often enough to be carrying it with me all the time, especially when walking. I sometimes go out with it and go strictly for photos, with walking as an aside.



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  9. poppytump says:

    He ‘s a cute little frog in his camouflage type colours Amy . Oh the decisions re cameras Lol .. I know if I don’t have my DSLR with me I’l regret it so do tend to lug a lot around . Must say I wonder whether it’s worth the back ache at the end of a long walk sometimes .


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