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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

When I think of minimalist photography, I always think of an image that is more poetry than novel. To me poetry as a writing form allows for more interpretation than the fully formed narrative of a novel. Minimalism allows for more breathing room.  So for this week’s challenge, I chose to edit an image that I took a few weeks ago in a very peaceful garden:

ISO 500 100mm 0ev f/10 1/500

ISO 500 100mm 0ev f/10 1/500

To get this image, I chose an f-stop of f/10, because I wanted the water and the bridge to be in focus.  This image is more about taking in an entire scene than it is about just the elements in the foreground. I also chose a fast shutter speed because it was pretty windy that day but I knew I wanted an image that was more serene.

When I got to the editing phase, I first cropped the image because I felt there were elements in the photo that were distracting.  Then I put a warming filter on it in Photoshop.  Here is the original photo:

ISO 500 100mm 0ev f/10 1/500

ISO 500 100mm 0ev f/10 1/500

What do you think? Does this qualify as a minimalist image to you, or does it still have too many elements? How about the filter, I think it conveys a sense of calm that helps the image seem more minimalist, do you agree? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

  1. “Minimalism allows for more breathing room”. Wonderful interpretation of this week’s challenge. I love the photo, and I always love it when you explain a bit about your photography and editing process. I actually felt a summer-like vibe from the photo. A breezy, relaxing summer day. Post-editing, I definitely think the photo is a lot softer and warmer 🙂


  2. Love the image Amy, and definitely improved by the edits. Altho the photo itself isn’t really minimalist, the idea of a peaceful bridge in a lovely setting would be exactly a place a minimalist would hang out, don’t you think?!


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